The Getting Lost Game

The unique travel game that sparks adventure

The best way to explore your backyard

Ever sat there wondering what to do this weekend?
Or gone to a “hidden gem” you just read about to find everyone else read the same thing too?
Or just keep going to the same places?

The Getting Lost Game is here to change all that!

It’s a unique travel game, created right here in NZ, that chucks out the notion of planning our adventures and instead leaves it all up to chance with random direction based cards that work anywhere you are.

The Getting Lost Game helps you find the real hidden gems – the ones you won’t find in the guide books or in search – and supports those small businesses along the way.  It’s a great way to see more of the country (or even just your own backyard).

It’s the perfect companion on holidays, weekend road trips, or even just a different way home from school.

We recommend you start out with our Adventure Edition. This has everything you need to start adventuring and exploring in a more spontaneous, unscripted way. It comes in a cute little suitcase that has 26 misdirections – things like turn left, head in the direction the wind is blowing, follow a blue car – that will take you on a new, unpredictable adventure every time.

You can also supercharge your game with our special editions like our Winter Edition or our  Out of Town Edition. 

Joining us from across the ditch? We have a special Aussie Edition now available. Or if you are learning Te Reo Maori you can try our bilingual Te Reo Maori Edition.

The Getting Lost Game is made in NZ. It was invented by travel bloggers Cat and James who were always asked how they found all the cool places that they blogged about so they made a game to help everyone find cool spots off the beaten track. It has been extensively road-tested by their 3 daughters.
Made with biodegradable plant-based plastic.

” Fantastic Game! We took this on our family holiday to a place we weren’t familiar with. We loved discovering new places and having a laugh along the way. Every family should have one”

Featured Products

We recommend starting with one of these packs to begin your Getting Lost Adventure 

” We played this game with our grandsons and they loved it – even put down their tablets and phones for a few hours!! We read a new card every ten minutes to make it more interesting and that seemed to work well. We oldies play it without the grandkids now and thoroughly enjoy the drive.”

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