Hi, we’re Getting Lost!

Getting Lost started out as a Kiwi travel and lifestyle blog in 2015.  Early in 2018 we created the Getting Lost Game (a travel game to give you inspiration to spark adventures) and started selling the game to you all in July 2018.  In the time since we launched the game we’ve been nominated for the Next Magazine Her Own Business Award, featured in NZ Herald, NZ Woman’s Weekly and Radio NZ.  We love hearing your stories about where you get lost with the game and love how involved you’ve all been in making the game what it is today!

So, who are we?  I’m Cat – I do most of the talking and the writing.  The other half of Getting Lost is James, my husband, business partner and best friend.  And our wonderful contributors (and Getting Lost Game builders) are our three awesome daughters.

Our family didn’t take the “normal” route to being a family – it was born in May 2015 after James and I rekindled our childhood romance and blended our two families together.  Nothing too odd about that – except it took us 25 years to get together!!

I met James when I was 12 years old in Stillwater – he lived up the road and I was staying at the camping ground.  It was love at first sight and he became (as much as someone can at 12) my boyfriend.  Somewhat unsurprisingly we broke up 4 weeks later and instead of boyfriend/girlfriend we became my best mates.  We stayed friends for 25 years – each of us getting in and out of relationships, getting married and having children – but never together, until newly single in our late 30’s everything just kind of fell together in the most unexpected way.  In October 2018 we eloped with the kids on the lake at Glenorchy (more on that over here) and here we are – me and my best friend and our 3 daughters – all living together in one big messy, loud house in Auckland, making a travel game (!!) and writing all about our crazy life.

When James and I got back together 5 years ago I was working in an inner city advertising agency in Auckland and running a successful photography business as a sideline.  James was working as a Joiner and living with his daughter in a cottage on the Hauraki Plains.  We couldn’t really have been more different.  Despite our different backgrounds, or maybe because of them our lives seemed to come together

There were two reasons that we started Getting Lost

The first was to share some of our stories about our journey in blending our families together. When we first moved in together my daughters were 6 & 9 years old, James daughter was 7. It was hard work, as any of you from blended families or creating your own will know, and we didn’t have the answers (we still don’t) But we wanted to share some of those things. We wanted to bring the un-talked about into the light in the hope that it would make just one persons journey a little easier or less lonely.

At the same time James and I were exploring New Zealand in ways we had never done before. James is fearless. He knows every waterhole and a million secret, magical free spots throughout New Zealand. I knew a lot of restaurants in Auckland. ;-/

Together we explored a new version of our New Zealand – from glamping in Raglan to touring the South Island in a campervan, to getting hopelessly blotto on the Ernest Kemp in Taupo, to finding shipwrecks, to digging for cockles, to finding seals at Papamoa, to exploring the depths of Parliament and drinking at NZ’s oldest pub in Thornton to exploring shipwrecks in Taranaki to wine tasting in Hawkes Bay.

We’ve done a lot (over 600 photos and more than 200 stories on the blog) and we made a game!  And best of all, we’re just getting started!  We hope that you will keep exploring, adventuring and growing with us. And if you would like to contact us send us an email at cat@gettinglost.co.nz or head on over to our Facebook page.

Cat & James xxx


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