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How I found 8th wonder of the world at Waimangu

Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by the Mount Tarawera Eruption.  I used to spend hours wandering through the Buried Village reading the tails of the guide Sophia and the poor people who lost their lives.  I’d pour over photos and models of the Pink...


5 Things You Need To Do Twice In Rotorua

Some things are just so good that you have to do them twice.  Over the past few years we’ve been fairly regular visitors to Rotorua, and far from running out of things to do there are just some things that are so good that we need to do them again! I feel like...

Skyline Rotorua

Rainy day inspiration with the kids in Rotorua

Let’s face it rain and camping are not the ideal mix.  The kids had made their way through Pretty Woman and Legally Blonde and were staring bleakly out the tent door at the seemingly never ending rain in Rotorua (to be fair it was only a day, but it felt like...

Paradise Valley Rotorua

Rainy days in Paradise Valley Springs

It’s not hard to see why they named the Paradise Valley road leading to it, and Paradise Valley Springs as they did.  Just the drive along is worth venturing the 15 or so minutes out of Rotorua.  Winding roads flanked by lush bush and green fields as you head down...

Paradise Valley