Getting Lost – FAQs

Q. Are you currently sending Getting Lost Games?

A. Yes, we are sending Getting Lost Games and following all safety guidelines around Covid-19. We aim to have your order with the courier on the next business day after you order. There may be a delay with couriers over this time as they cope with large volumes of parcels. ????

Q. Can I play the Getting Lost Game walking?

A. Yes, you can play the Getting Lost Game walking. Only 8 of our 26 Misdirection cards can’t be played walking. What a lot of walkers also do is add on our Booster Pack. This pack is 10 direction only cards (turn left, head North etc)

Q. Why plastic cases?

A. Our Getting Lost Game cases are made here in NZ with a plant based plastic and are biodegradable. So while they are plastic they are a better for the planet plastic. They are really durable and allow you to keep your cards safe.

Q. Is it made in NZ?

A. Yes, our Getting Lost Games are made in NZ. The only exception is the compass which is an optional add on to the game.

Q. Are you going to make the Getting Lost Game as an app?

A. No. The Getting Lost Game is designed to get you off your phone and out and about exploring so for that reason we’re not looking at making it into an app at this point in time.

Q. What age range is it for?

A. Everyone! We have families, couples, grandparents and work groups playing the game. The card reader has a bit of reading to do so for children not yet reading they will need some help. Due to small parts we don’t recommend this for under 3’s.

Q. When do you pick a new card?

A. It’s entirely up to you. You can play each direction until you reach the end of the road, at each intersection, once the direction is executed (for example as soon as you turn right) or you can grab a timer off us and set a timer for each direction.

Q. How long does postage take?

A. We try to package orders within 1 working day of receiving them (we’ll notify you on the website if the wait times are longer). We can’t guarantee delivery within a certain time frame but below is the timelines our couriers work to. Please note that over busy time (Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day etc) these times may increase.

Auckland – overnight (weekdays)

North Island – 1 – 2 Working Days

South Island – 2 Working Days

Rural Delivery – add another 2 working days.

Australia – 3-10 working days

Q. How much is postage?

A. In NZ it’s a flat $6, no matter where you live or how much you order. In Australia we charge $9 flat shipping, no matter where you live or how much you order.

Q. Does the te reo version have English translation or is it all in te reo Maori?

A. Yes, English on one side of the cards, te Reo Maori on the other side.

Q. I found a coupon code after I placed my order. Will you add it?

From time to time we offer a gift with purchase with our games. For a NZ wide offer these will normally be published on our Facebook Page and/or our subscriber e-mails.  So we know what to send we require a promo code for these. You do need to enter this code at the time of purchase in order to be eligible for these offers.  

If you do spot a code later that you were eligible for after you have placed your order you may contact us to ask if it is possible to add this on. We will try our best but once a product has been packed we are unable to add this so please check Facebook or your e-mail first if you are in any doubt.

Q. Could I play it for a work Christmas Party or Team Building Activity?

A. Yes! It’s a great team building activity. Send your teams off in groups or all head off on a bus together! We also provide pricing for corporate gifts so you can send your staff or suppliers off to get lost in their holidays…

Q. How long does the Getting Lost Game take to play?

A. 4 hours if you don’t impose any limits and the head for home card is pretty near the back (which it always seems to be for us). You can play a shorter version by playing with a smaller card deck or imposing time limits?

Q. Can I buy the Getting Lost Game in stores?

A. Yes! From the 1st of October you will be able to buy the Getting Lost Game in selected stores. You can see our list of stockists here.

Q. Do you have wholesale pricing?

A. Yes! Send us an e-mail – – and we can provide you details on becoming a Getting Lost Game stockist or would like bulk rates for corporate gifting.

Q. Will you donate a game to our charity?

A. We are contacted all the time to donate to charities. We donate a number of our games to the Ronald McDonald house to give kids and their families something fun and low cost to do while they are in hospital. To keep it fair outside of this we no longer give away games to individual charities. What we can do though is offer you our wholesale pricing so you can sell or auction these off at a profit.

Q. Can I get a discount if I buy multiple games?

A. Maybe… If you are purchasing more than 10 games send us an e-mail and we can set you up as a Wholesale Customer. From time to time we do offer gift with purchase so look out for these on our Facebook page or sign up to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out.

Q. How long do you follow a blue car for?

A. This one is entirely up to you. We follow them until they turn off to their final destination but you may choose to set a time limit or a certain number of turns.

Q. Do you send the Getting Lost Game internationally?

A. Right now the Getting Lost Game is available to purchase online and ship to Australia and New Zealand. We’re working on plans to send further afield.

Q. What are all the Booster Packs?

A. Our booster packs are designed as add ons to your Getting Lost Game.

The Summer Pack has 10 activity based cards (make a roadside sculpture, climb a tree, jump in the water etc) perfect for Summer Adventures and is the pack Josh was playing with on The Project.

The Booster Pack has 10 additional direction cards (left, right, north etc). Perfect for walkers or extending your game play.

The Out of Town Edition has 15 cards specifically designed for playing out of town (see a cow turn left, head home when you see a tractor etc.). Some of the directions in this set were created by out of town players of the Getting Lost Game.

The Creator Pack has 10 blank Getting Lost Cards to add your own misdirections.

Q. Do you have it in orange?

A. We get asked about orange all the time! And it’s the top of our list for the next limited colour run. Our core colours are Blue, Green, Pink and Charcoal. From time to time we add limited edition colours. These are only available until the end of the run so once they sell out they are gone.

Q. What’s the difference in colours?

A. The game is the same in each of our coloured cases. Our core colours are Blue, Green, Pink and Charcoal. From time to time we add limited edition colours. These are only available until the end of the run so once they sell out they are gone.

Q. Can you play the Getting Lost Game outside of NZ?

A. Yes! I’ve played it on Sentosa Island in Singapore – you can read about that over here. And we’ve had people send it as gifts all around the world or take it away with them on holiday to play.

Q. What is the best place you have got lost with the Getting Lost Game?

A. Me and Kiki, just as the sun was setting over Arkles Bay. The water was flat and tinged with pinks and purples and a pod of dolphins came through. It was magical.

Q. Have you ever got really lost?

A. No where we haven’t been able to GPS our way out of yet!

Q. Where is Getting Lost based?

A. We are based in Birkenhead, Auckland in New Zealand.

Q. Do I need a specific Getting Lost Game for my region?

A. No, you can play the game anywhere in NZ or the world. If you out of the main centres (or heading that way) you may want to add on an Out of Town Edition to the main game too.

Q. The motorway card is not relevant for my area, what do I do?

A. That’s totally my fault. I tend to call all main roads or highways a motorway. So we put it on the card. We have changed it for future edits but if you have motorway on your edition read it as a main road. And if you get the exit card – take the third road leading off it. Or make up your own rule around it – the game is good like that!

Q. Does the Te Reo Edition have English too?

A. Yes! The Te Reo Edition has English on one side and Te Reo on the other side.

Q. How did you translate the Te Reo Edition of The Getting Lost Game?

A. We worked with Rosie and Kuruho who make a Maori Language Game called the Kaupapa Game. After they had translated our misdirections we all worked with an certified Te Reo Maori Translator to ensure that our translations were perfect.

Q. Can you come and talk at our event or school?

A. Yes. Cat has been involved with a number of schools with everything from helping them to create their own game to how to grow a successful business.

Q. Can I add my own Getting Lost Card?

A. Yes. We have made a marriage proposal card in the past and we’re happy to partner with businesses to create misdirection cards specifically for their customers or staff. Contact us for bespoke pricing at

Q. Why won’t my compass work?

A. Usually because it is not flat. Compasses need to be laid flat to work properly. Our compasses should all point in the general direction the should. Remember though that these are a tool for Getting Lost so they shouldn’t be used or relied upon as a life saving device.

Q. What is the difference between the Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition cases?

A. The game is the same in each of our coloured cases. Our core colours are Blue, Green, Pink and Charcoal – these are our Deluxe Editions. From time to time we add limited edition colours. These are only available until the end of the run so once they sell out they are gone. These are our Limited Editions. To date we have made 5 Limited Editions.

Q. Why is do you offer two options for your booster packs?

A. Our booster packs have a “naked” and packaged option. The naked option gives us a chance to both reduce our packaging footprint and offer the game to you at a lower price. The packaged option is perfect for gifting , if you’ve got too many cards to keep in your cases (we hear you!) or if you just plain like the look of them.

Q. Can I buy the case separately?

A. Yes! You can now buy our custom Getting Lost Cases separately. Perfect if you run out of room in your first case or want a few colours to interchange…

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