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9 tips to tame the budget in Paihia

It’s just so easy to spend money in Paihia - there are just so many amazing things to do and a lot of them are quite pricey.  I know first hand just how easy it is to blow the budget in Paihia.  Now we’re not perfect - full disclaimer, we went over budget too! But,...


Snorkelling at Motutapu Island

We well and truly caught the snorkelling bug in the Poor Knights. So when we saw that EMR were going out Motutapu for a day snorkelling (for just $25 per person including the ferry) we jumped at the chance!   I’d also fallen a bit in love with this area when...

nd settled in for a while to have a picnic lunch up the top and take in those amazing views.

How to make your next work trip much less boring

I’m a firm believer in trusting your instincts, turning down random roads just because they look interesting and getting absolutely everything out of every place you go.  It’s why we made the Getting Lost Game - to make it easier for people to dwell, to give them...